Audiolab M-ONE User Review

  • stevechet
    So glad
    Review of Audiolab M-ONE All-In-One Hi-Fi System by stevechet, Jan 5, 2018.
    I bought this after an email from Audiovisual who had it at a ridiculously low price as a boxing day special, I was using a Rega Brio R and had been looking at the M One after having owned Audiolab amps in the past, well when I received the offer I thought I've nothing to lose really, from the moment of first hearing the amazing sound quality coming from my floor standers I knew it was a keeper, it is so much clearer and with tight controlled bass, as much as I thought the Rega was good this thing just blows it out of the water, I've certainly no regrets and would gladly have paid full price for it, god dammit even streaming sounds good, a very happy bunny
    This item was purchased for 399.95 from Audiovisual in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Sound quality


    • I didn't buy it sooner

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