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    Review of Jurassic World Steelbook Blu-ray by lucasisking, Oct 27, 2015.
    Jurassic World is the film my teenage-self wanted to see in 1993, but never dreamed I'd ever see. I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, but Spielberg of course, gave us something much better with Jurassic Park: a thoughtful, cautionary science fiction tale based on the Crichton novel, made with only a handful of dinosaurs, some terrific characters, untried technology and a sense of awed wonder at seeing dinosaurs brought to convincing life for the first time.

    But even so, imagining a full-on dinosaur rollercoaster with hundreds of fully articulate creatures, flying reptiles, sea monsters, a full size operational park, helicopter gunships, and dinosaur battles? That’s what Colin Trevorrow has delivered, and while it aims lower than it's illustrious progenitor, it’s a popcorn delight that hits all the marks the other sequels missed. Trevorrow has made it into a proper monster movie, cleverly making the central antagonist not a ‘dinosaur’ at all, but an unholy hybrid beast from hell, and setting the stage for the ‘real’ dinosaurs to become heroes. Throw in a charismatic lead character (Pratt is superb), some spectacular and pleasingly brutal set pieces, and we have our movie. Its true the film suffers from some ludicrous contrivance, eye-rolling cliché and some questionable sexual politics, but in the context of the kind of film it is, many sins can be overlooked if not forgiven. It’s a rich and satisfying blockbuster experience to be hungrily devoured again and again.

    The presentation is a real treat with its expanded aspect ratio and bombastic audio. The picture is mostly flawless; there's a few moments that suffer from noise (mainly indoor scenes) but generally it’s a sumptuous, crisp and well-contrasted image that allows the CGI to integrate seamlessly. The audio too is one of the most well balanced I’ve heard in ages with perfect dialogue and a wide sound field.

    I also still maintain this is NOT a film for small children. Home viewing allows parents even greater flexibility and control, so use it wisely.
    This item was purchased for 15.00 from Sainsburys in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Highly entertaining blockbuster movie
    • Generally fabulous, well contrasted image
    • Immaculate, detailed sound
    • Reasonable selection of extras
    • Wide aspect ratio


    • Not as good a film as the original Jurassic Park
    • Some grainy scenes
    • No audio commentary
    • Some gory and/or protracted death scenes that may be too intense for small children. Excercise caution.



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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