Samsung UE55KS7000 User Review

  • Angus444
    Smart TV, need help with picture settings!
    Review of Samsung UE55KS7000 LED LCD TV by Angus444, Jun 1, 2017.
    Got the UE49KS7000 and picture is sharp but awful colour bleed and ghosting on dark scenes (especially poor on indoor shots in Game of Thrones where candles and shadows have gradients of colour around them).
    Can someone tell me what the best picture settings are, and what scary lead is recommended for connecting to a Sky HD box?
    This item was purchased for £840 from Currys in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Smart appearance, HDMI hub


    • My pictures are blurred, night time shots
    • The feet are too far apart, need a new stand!!!

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black Level


    Screen Uniformity


    Colour Accuracy


    Greyscale Accuracy


    Video Processing


    2D Picture Quality


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    Smart Features


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    • preuser3
      You may like my long get down and what I have learned about my UN 55KS 8000 TV or not ,I hope it helps it ~ corresponds to UN KS 7000 to 8500, mine has Samsung direct FA01 panel this TV was binned for .

      Your TV May not have this panel or exact chassis and may not like my picture settings or a copied calibration like any panel ,but it might .

      web settings to think about

      here is a local thread here ,
      web settings to think about

      Samsung KS7000 (UE55KS7000) Reviewer's Recommended Best Settings

      UN Samsung 55KS 8000 FA01 Samsung panel

      IMO Best Picture Mode: *usually Movie (it is most accurte ) and where 10 pt white balance calibrations must be enterd on * my USA TV ,Calibrated Standard mode is good also and specifically good for sports.

      These TV's have four picture modes , only two of them can be calibrated well .

      Most of MY own Samsung UN 55KS 8000 + Samsung FA01 Panel code TV settings in regular & Expert Picture Settings with noise filters and some other [Off] :

      My settings don't clip or crush anything or look too dark or to light (washed out) on MY TV and some are ~ conforming settings and variables as they should be.

      Again Movie mode is most accurate followed by Standard picture mode and never HDR + special view for anthing outside of from what I read HDR game slave console gaming .

      MY Back light: 10-18 > 18 day here ,maybe 10 or less at night to your preference above crushing blacks and shadow details.

      I prefer a 10 minimum and sometimes 15 at night and 17-18 day (bright room /home office /man cave in day and afternoon sun ) YMMV .

      My own electronic calibration I performed was at 18 back light to my preference and majority of TV use ranges,it scales down fine @ lower back-light /dark with an appropriate darker gamma change given the terrific Samsung Direct FA01 panel code I ordered my TV binned for

      Picture Size: 16:9 Standard – Fit to Screen On

      My Brightness: 45-50 usually 45

      My Contrast: 100 and below white clipping on THIS panel .

      MY Sharpness: 0 anthing above zero is additive sharpness on Samsung TV and above 20 is not so hot but OK on HDR @20.

      MY Color or Colour: 40 - 60 usually ~ 50 below clipping bright color details in standard bt709 gradations in any case

      My Tint: G50/R50 or to flesh tone hue

      Apply Picture Settings: All Sources or single picture mode as you wish for ant variance you may like or require on your TV and panel.

      My Digital Clean View: Off

      MY Auto Motion Plus: Off or @ manual and judder 3 to 5 and blur reduction maybe 2-3 and smooth aka BFI [OFF] here .Motion plus manual as above or just judder 3-5 is good for sports

      Smart LED: [off] Low to high to preference high makes blacks darker mind your shadow details med to high can be decent and [off at HDR ] to avoid transient ABL visible brightness variations , flash bulbing /dimming on bright HDR scenes due to high sustained LED wattage constraints on these TV's

      Dynamic Contrast: Off Med or high to preference it can make whites whiter and blacks darker blacks darker mind your shadow details here

      My Color Tone: Warm 1 Conforming D-65 warm 2 if you like or expert one maybe ?
      As you ramp up from D65 conforming warm two to warm one and so on they add some blue push , my settings arent bad at all I prefer them .

      Rtings .com 2 pt white balance was the money here ouside of a full electronic calibration in Movie mode (where you must enter them and all around ) to all sources and modes that allow that.

      My Gamma: 0 day (- 1 night ) mind your shadow details and not too dark or light otherwise, more is less and less is more gamma here.

      You may want to read all this @ Samsung UN 55 KS 8000 picture settings and calibrations link and try the full boat calibrations and the above picture setting ranges or just 2 pt white balance and good picture settings ranges above. Return to defaults is easy .Read the usual admonitions
      Samsung KS8000 LED TV Calibration Settings

      Anything beyond 2 pt white balance in Calibration menus is all or nothing

      My excellent conforming to my back light settings and bt709 standards electronic calibration was close to rtings .com Samung KS 8000 review calibrations but obviously with higher white balance values all around for my higher back light settings.

      We have the exact same primo Samsung direct FA01 panel code and USA TV chassis.

      My calibration is the $$$$ money here with my picture setting ranges above in Movie ( < most accurate ) and Standard picture modes (very good generally & @ sports ) or maybe some folks like another default TV picture mode which a calibration wont fix or affect .

      Calibration is best done to conforming standards electronically to YOUR panel, TV , room and preferred back light settings and other preferences within reason including our human cognitive bias expectations and subjective preferences given we arent creating content on a nice well optioned (not inexpensive ) new car spendy critical reference Sony Pro Trimaster EL OLED panels . A professional calibrator *should determine all this .

      Credible TV Reviewers will tell you thay all calibrate a TV panel @ 100-120 NIT in the DARK because they don't know our variables ,a dark room NO , or a ~40 NIT movie theater or FP screen when playing a movie :rotfl:

      Good luck these are terrific 4K HDR LCD TV 's when you get them regular :thumbsup:
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