Arendal 1723 Monitor Center Surround and Sub 2 User Review

  • Lesmor
    Simply the Best System I have ever owned
    Review of Arendal 1723 Monitor Center Surround and Sub 2 Speaker by Lesmor, Apr 18, 2017.
    I bought the Arendals ( 2x pair of Monitors + 2x pair of stands,a centre speaker,a pair of Surrounds and 2x Sub 3's) unseen and unheard and have never looked back
    Fantastic build quality and value for money.
    I have owned M&K and Ken Kreisel systems the Arendals are better in every way.
    I could not add anything that has not been said in the AVF review other than
    Don't underestimate the size of these speakers if you can accommodate that you owe it to yourself to get a demo
    This item was purchased for Prices as per the AV from L-Sound in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Value for money
    • The styling
    • The build quality read the detail of how the Arendals are designed and built
    • Most of all the performance
    • did I mention the performance?
    • Free delivery a 60 day trial period and only 99 Euro return costs whether you return one or a whole 1/2 tonne system


    • nothing

    Sound Quality


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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    • Zakblue
      Thanks for the review. I'd be interested in knowing which MK and KK systems you've owned in the past and a bit more on the comparison between the two. Cheers.
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