Marantz SR6010 User Review

  • Live01
    Simply sublime Av receiver now available at a great price
    Review of Marantz SR6010 AV Receiver by Live01, Jul 20, 2016.
    I bought this receiver in the last week to replace my Yamaha Rxv 1067 (£850 in 2010). Mainly I was replacing the unit for up to date connectivity, gapless playback of my HR audio files and for the potential to add ceiling speakers in the future taking full advantage of the new Dolby and DTS object tracking sound formats (atmos and DTS X).

    I'm running Monitor audio GX 50's as fronts, Kef R200c centre and yet to be upgraded MA Bxfx for rears. Cheap and cheerful yamaha sub to keep the neighbours happy.

    Setup is a breeze with the multiEQ XT32 audessy set-up with included mic walking you through it. Interestingly you have the option to be walked through every aspect of your setup, from wiring your speakers to connecting your av equipment and selecting the method of connection (eg via HDMI for game, analogue for CD etc)

    GUI is very good and slick.

    The sound reproduction of this receiver is outstanding, then when you consider the price it's now available at its a no brainer. I'm already detecting noticeable improvements in all audio formats that I'm running from digital audio via USB to movie soundtracks on blu ray. Clean deep bass, expressive midrange and fabulous highs carved out to precision. You simply will not be disappointed with the audio capabilities, power and control a plenty with energy, snappy timing and a slightly warm and smooth feel...I can't smile wide enough!

    Preferences for each input eg blu ray, game and CD or USB are remembered. This includes sound mode, video output options (4k upscaling on or off) multiEQ XT32 on or off (recommend to have this off for 2 channel audio as this makes a huge difference, the EQ is designed for movies or multi channel sources rather than 2 channel and will tame you fronts too much when listening to music) there are multiple settings on the audessy X32 EQ; reference which is recommended by Marantz for movies or you can choose to keep the audessy setting but bypass it for the front L/R providing fabulous setup flexibility.

    The remote has a button for almost every input and with video and audio settings saved on each one to your preference this saves on any faffing about so you can get down to business.

    On the bottom of the remote there are 4 sound mode buttons. My favourite being the direct button. One press put you in direct mode staying true to the audio signal being input. A second press enables the pure direct mode which switches off internal video circuitry for the purest audio performance. If video is also being input (eg blu ray) this is still passed through to your display and it still upscales the image if opted for. (smile)

    For for future proof connectivity and functionality, awesome sound and a great price...this has got to made your audition list.

    I would highly recommend auditioning any avr that you're looking to buy. After all, it always comes down to personal preference.
    This item was purchased for £499.99 from Peter Tyson online in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Fantastic functionality and customisation
    • Powerful and controlled sound oozes class


    • Simple remote, only 1 button back-lit
    • Would like greater functionality, song queueing on USB input

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



    • High Fidelity
      Sounds too good to be true, seems I should have bought one instead of spending £700+ on the Yamaha RX-A860. it was the poor sound of the Marantz 1605 that put me off same stable Marantz all the RS comments on the Marantz found the sound OK but I found it unlistenable, I suppose being a Hi-Fi buff is the problem
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