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    Review of Ex Machina Movie by lucasisking, Jan 25, 2015.
    It's a well trodden genre- with the low budget 'The Machine' still fresh in the memory and Chappie still to come- but Alex Garland manages to invigorate the Artificial Intelligence template and send it off in some neat and suspenseful new directions. Its a sexy, smart, intimate film that demands attention and observance from the audience. Silky smooth visuals and effects, not unlike those in Spielberg's A.I, combined with a divine and striking score give it a real futuristic feel despite its small scale. Its not an epic like Blade Runner, and will probably work just as well (perhaps better) on blu ray. But, like its protagonist Domhnall Gleeson you get drawn into the weird world and are invited not to attempt escape. Great performances by Alicia Vickander as the button-cute and likeable Ava (who manages to avoid all the usual performance cliches found in actors-playing-robots), and also to Sonoya Mizuno as the drop-dead gorgeous Kyoko- Nathan's oriental servant. The girl's got some moves too- swoon. Oscar Isaac is brilliant though as the egotistical and illmannered Nathan- a real swine but with a genuine charisma. Some of the plot points are glaringly obvious (Kyoko), but the final act is a wire-taut maze-run that ends on a satisfying and mercifully non-cliched note. Superb.


    • Smart script, and original direction for a well-used genre
    • Great performance by Oscar Isaac
    • Terrific soundtrack
    • Compelling last act
    • Sexy visuals and seamless special effects


    • Quite slow in parts
    • Lacks the big-screen 'wow' factor of Blade Runner of AI


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