Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Steelbook User Review

  • Coz22998
    Ruddy marvellous!
    Review of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Steelbook Blu-ray by Coz22998, Dec 18, 2015.
    Loved the franchise so far and think that this entry is up there as one of the best of the lot. Plot schmot, it's the usual stuff - shadow organisation tries to bring the whole world to its knees, only Ethan and his chums can save the day......but the plot is not important. It's how the plot moves from beat to beat that's important with films like this and that's down to two things for me - the charactors and the action beats. And the flick shines in both departments......

    I'm a big Cruise fan and this film embodies why - he's got the star wattage, he's in every frame, right there: it's him on the side of that plane, it's him on those motorbikes, it's him underwater. A lots been made of him doing these stunts but it's all for the film and it really does sell him as Hunt. But let's not forget the supporting gang - Renner, Pegg and Rhames all return and they bounce off each other like an experienced team should. Do they have huge amounts to do? Not really but they're there when needed and add just enough to Cruise's presence to round the cast out nicely. But where did Rebecca Ferguson come from???? My word, she is something else! Appropriately named, her Ilsa is like the modern day Ingrid Bergman - coolly beautiful but not in the obvious way (although the bikini........!!!!!), but kicking serious a$$ and going toe to toe with Cruise in every way she's brilliant. Sean Harris? Well he does what's needed and that's about it.

    But those action beats......not a duffer in there! There's some brilliantly staged stuff here - the money shot in the trailer, the much lauded Vienna opera set piece, there's car chases, there's underwater stuff, there's shoot outs, it's all here. And they're all put together amazingly. Each one has elements of suspense, comedy gags and little character beats that just add so much to the action going on around it. In short, I thought this was a brilliant piece of popcorn cinema - superb action, star wattage, it's got the lot. Loved it.

    The soundtrack here is a thing of beauty. I waited to watch is until I had the house to myself and I could crank the amp and crank it I did. And it was so worth it, the atmos track was excellent. Sound is coming from everywhere, with a dynamic range that was staggering. I didn't make out too many spot overhead effects, but again atmos just adds ambience and space to an already great soundtrack. If you're watching it you simply have to turn this up. The picture quality surprised me somewhat - for the most part it's as expected: hugely detailed, nice colours, it looks like a brand new mega budget blockbuster should. But then there's scenes that look like its come straight out of a 70s thriller - soft round the edges, masses of grain.......don't get me wrong it never looks less than good, but these scenes (which I believe are a stylistic choice and not an issue with the transfer or so I read) weren't expected. It's still a great picture just.....unexpected! I watched one of the extras but to be honest it's all a bit too EPK for me - they're put together purely to sell the film rather than to offer any detailed insight into the filmmaking choices and process. So the rest were duly skipped.

    Summary - sorry for going on, but I ruddy well loved this from start to finish. Superb action, great characters (oh Ilsa!), bit of humour, suspense enough to keep you guessing, it really had the lot for me. The disc is not too shabby either!!!!
    This item was purchased for £24.99 (part of the from HMV in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Amazing Atmos soundtrack form start to finish
    • Cracking film
    • Great to excellent picture quality


    • EPK extras only
    • Nothing else!



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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