Rogue One: A Star Wars Story User Review

  • pj
    Rogue One : Don't read this just go see it! why are you still here?
    Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie by pj, Dec 14, 2016.
    this was everything i wanted from a star wars movie and more, it delivered on every point that i had hoped for, i have been following the spoilers from day one but was till ecstatically surprised and emotionally rollercoastered throughout, i loved force awakens but with this so near to a new hope it can feel nostalgic without it feeling forced as it is in the correct timeframe and it manages to do this without the use of the original trilogy cast which force awakens relied on for it's nostalgic feel.
    My local cineworld is open christmas day, i'm tempted


    • cast
    • director
    • sound
    • darth vader


    • didn't want it to end!


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