Rogue One: A Star Wars Story User Review

  • Dicky654
    Review from a (Forty) six year old
    Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie by Dicky654, Dec 18, 2016.
    I was 6 when Star Wars came out in a time when there were only 3 TV stations and no Video recorders to repeatedly watch what you love (How we are spoilt now :smashin:) and made my parents take me 12 times to see the first one and every Birthday and Christmas up until I was 14 years old would have had some form of Star Wars gift. Sadly you then have to grow up and put all the toys away. Luckily I now have a couple of kids and have imprinted on them that Star Wars is the most awesome thing you can imagine in the world and with this movie and The Force Awakens both having strong female leads has made it easier as they are both girls.

    I saw this in 3D (Always want the biggest screen to see Star Wars and have to trade off 3D for this in my area:() and was saddened for a Friday Night showing the Cinema was not busier.
    The Film itself I thought was great, the plot was a simple premise the characters were well acted and believable especially Diego Luna and Donny Yen.

    The Visuals and battle Sequences were some of the best seen in the Star Wars universe and the last ten minutes when a certain character goes to work caused me to geek out heavily (Nearly said 'F*** Yeah!' in front of the kids but held it in :thumbsup:) will be going to see a second time shortly.

    The only negative was some of the CGI characters did not look 'right' however it was right to have them in there and it was no where near the Scorpion King / Terminator Salvation bad in any way, and Vader's voice... There was one conversation Vader has with another Character that did not feel like it really fitted the Character ( I would have expected less words and move straight to the point) and how his voice sounded (appreciate James Earl Jones is 85 now) could have had a more deeper base to it.

    The movie fits nicely in the Star Wars universe and Gareth Edwards has done a great job, I know there was talk of re shoots but it did not seem obvious like Suicide Squad which I found incoherent as a movie.

    Highly recommend seeing this even if you are not a Wars fan as it is a spectacular movie to see on the big screen and cannot wait to get the Blu Ray.:clap:
    Oh, and if I was just rating the last ten minutes it would be an 11 out of 10... Still picking my jaw up...


    • The last ten minutes were geeking out amazing
    • Good story and characters


    • Some of the CGI characters were obvious, but not Scorpion King obvious


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