Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens User Review

  • imightbewrong
    Return to form, but a tad too familiar
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie by imightbewrong, Jan 10, 2016.
    Well saw this for the first time today. Enjoyed it, but also disappointed in the parallels with past stories, and general sillyness of the action-part of the final act. I had stayed away from all the news/media, other than the first few trailers. Had no idea what most of the stuff on the poster was. So when I found out that they built a
    third death star
    it felt pretty lazy, especially as you know exactly how it's going to go.

    Enjoyed the new characters - liked the humour. Good to see the old characters back, although most of them were barely seen.

    Some things were jarringly there then forgotten like
    phasma, sydow - was excited when I saw his name on the poster outside on the way in - was imagining some sinister imperial captain - then dead in the first two minutes!
    as if they had bigger parts that were dropped, or are just there for sequel/prequel/spin-off hinting.

    Huge coincidences - similar to ep IV
    Finn's TIE fighter, spinning out of control, crash lands on a planet within walking distance of the very droid his pilot was looking for. You imagine how far you could walk in the desert with no provisions - having just stepped out of a plane crash. I know you have to let them have these things but geez

    And then back to my first point
    did they really was put all their eggs in one basket yet again and build a super weapon to destroy planets from (multi light year?) range? Why do they want to kill all those people anyway? Can they really build a station that can harvest the power of a star and yet the first priority isn't to lock it down so that a guy with a small bag of bombs and a bit of x-wing pew pew pew couldn't destroy it? Can one 'captain' really deactivate the shields for an entire planet without raising any red flags? At my last job I had a senior role and couldn't even order a mouse mat without sign-off! And generally speaking wouldn't they have been a lot better off with a kick-ass fleet of capital ships? Could have bought a lot with all those resources

    And finally, the effects were on the whole outstanding except
    Snoke. He just looked like a sort of cheap version of Voldemort. I know he was a (giant?!) hologram, but still he looked very much like a VFX from 10-15 years ago, which stuck out when everything else looked so real

    Anyway I guess this is old news now - haven't read through the million Force Awakens posts in the nearly as many threads. It was a stirring film in parts - some great dogfights, particularly anything with the Millennium Falcon. My three kids loved it - all jumped out of their skin at that bit which it was very obviously coming so I was prepared to be clung on to :)

    So yes enjoyable but disappointing (in a similar way to Star Trek: Into Darkness). If you think how different EP IV and EP V were story wise, it would have been good to see a bolder step story-wise. But then maybe that's why they don't give me multi-billion dollar movie franchises to play with :)


    • Good new characters
    • Good use of Han/Chewie/Millennium Falcon
    • Great special effects
    • Interesting character dynamics
    • Meaty/painful light sabre battles


    • Basic structure of the plot borrow too heavily from the original trilogy
    • Bad guys making the same old mistakes
    • One important character seemed to have budget special effects
    • Characters with bit parts that look like they should have been in longer


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