Rogue One: A Star Wars Story User Review

  • mattyduk
    Really enjoyed it, but a few niggles
    Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie by mattyduk, Dec 16, 2016.
    So will try and keep spoilers to a minimum. I was lucky enough to see this for free at a vendor social at Everyman cinema in Canary Wharf. Not the biggest screen, but lovely sofas.

    I'm a Star Wars fan from the original showing 77/78 and it's one of my cherished memories of my Dad taking the family to Leicester Square on the ruse that we were just checking car parking (how gullible I was), and was then suddenly told that we were going to see it (Star Wars, not the car park).

    So a few niggles - mainly in spoiler tags below, but a very enjoyable film. Might try and catch it again but not sure my 7 year olds will enjoy it as much as TFA

    things that niggled me, but spoilered.

    The end doesn't gel with what Leia says to Darth in the first scene of New Hope.She states something about being on a diplomatic mission, but the whole imperial fleet has just seen her ship escape from a captured rebel mother ship. Not sure I'm making it clear but to try and gel it together they actually pointed out a mismatch between the two films
    The CGI versions of GMT and Leia (especially the former) took me out of the moment. Would have been better to recast GMT - nobody would care that it looked exactly like Peter Cushing, but at least it would have been real
    Shouldn't Director Krennic and his troopers made sure that the death stars designer, Galen, was dead before evaucating the base that the rebels were attacking. If he'd (Galen) been ok then the rebels wouldn't have needed to steal the plans and they could just have asked him


    • Enjoyable and interesting story.
    • Likable main characters. K2SO was funny
    • Mainly great effects
    • Lovely nods to the original trilogy


    • Music - very unremarkable and non memorable


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