Blade Runner 2049 User Review

  • benmbe
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    Review of Blade Runner 2049 Movie by benmbe, Oct 6, 2017.
    I had the good fortune of Watching the original Blade runner on the big screen, and so when I heard that the follow up was coming along, I knew I had to watch this in the Movie theatre once again.

    After a long time in the making I was really getting excited about this long overdue follow up Blade Runner 2049.

    Around 2 1/2 Hours viewing I was pleasantly surprised at the opening sequence, the expansive ATMOS sound struck my senses like the first Movie, the steady pace of this movie unfolded with good character building, of which drew the viewer in. The music score although not Vangelis, was however of very similar vein of which conjured up memories of the original movie experience. The sheer expansiveness of the bass clout impacted the viewer, One connected with Blade Runners craft flying over the vast city and landscapes.

    I could mention so much more here, and I shall leave the rest of the movie details for others to fill in what I have neglected to mention here.

    In summing up the Movie I would express the following:
    To all those who experienced the first Movie, and left the theatre with a feeling of satisfaction, having recognised that such an experience was rare and satisfying. 2049 holds it's own as an equally unique experience, and although what I have conveyed here is subjective I am confident that others will be equally pleased.

    I shall look forward to owning this on 4K Blu-Ray.

    This movie will be a good test disc for Video Files.

    Kind Regards


    • I was pleasantly surprised by the Elvis Presley / Frank Sinatra Holographic performances
    • The Pace and silence whilst focussing of facial expression was involving.
    • Harrison Ford's performance was a pleasure, and other surprises were welcome.


    • To be honest for me personally there were no negatives or / cons.


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