MK S150mkII 5.2 User Review

  • DrGekko
    Powerful punch for dedicated theatres
    Review of MK S150mkII 5.2 Speaker by DrGekko, Jan 26, 2016.
    The S150 MkIIs are legendary in the sub-satellite system world. They're powerful, dynamic and crisp when it comes to music and movies alike - this can easily be demonstrated during powerful gun battles and actions scenes and most owners will be more than familiar with the famous gunfight scene in Open Range. This is achieved with quality drivers and the triple stacked tweeter system which is very different to traditional hifi and other home cinema speakers. The S150T tripole surrounds are excellent, offering plenty of detail and are ideal for medium to larger rooms (less than 12 to 24 square metre rooms I would say).

    I was using an Onkyo 818 AVR and these speakers worked incredibly well in my set-up which included the giant MKSound X12. They would perform even better with dedicated power amplifiers.

    The S150s are solid but not huge although ideally they should be placed behind an AT screen in a dedicated theatre.

    For the price, there is little else that matches the performance apart from the range of speakers which I have recently replaced them with - only because I required an on-wall solution for the living room. Nowadays there are a few competitors with similar design and technology which should be tested to suit your own preference and budget.
    This item was purchased for £3300 from Gecko Home Cinema in 2012. The reviewer replaced this with the product XTZ Cinema Series M6.


    • Detailed & dynamic
    • Solid build quality
    • 10 year warranty
    • Excellent customer support back up from distributor
    • Decent residual value and popular resale market


    • Cheaper competitors with similar performance available now
    • Ideally require dedicated room for best placement

    Sound Quality


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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