HiMedia Q10 Pro User Review

  • AVStas
    Potentially good player, but HDMI-CEC killer
    Review of HiMedia Q10 Pro Streamer by AVStas, Dec 7, 2016.
    As a player Q10Pro is very good one. It plays almost all my 4k/4kHDR demos (shop's demos from different TV manufacturers) with no issue at all.
    Also plays 3D MVC ISOs perfectly.
    But after week of testing I have got impression that HiMedia was TOO hasty with bringing it to market. Here and there some small software problems, issues and bugs.

    But was the really HUGE bug and a reathon for me to return it back is HDMI-CEC support, or rather say its absence. But just not working HDMI-CEC is not an issue, but somehow it manages to kill HDMI-CEC chain completely. If it is connected either to receiver or to TV no one HDMI-CEC device is working. TV just don't see them at all. It kills HDMI-CEC so drastically, that even ARC is not working when it is connected.

    Searching in internet shows that this is well known issue and some people using for Q10 special HDMI-CEC breaking adapter, which disconnects pin 13. But buying an adapter for yet another 15 euro to make this broken thing a little bit less broken is not a solution to me.

    General conclusion - it has a potential to become a really good player if HiMedia will fix all the current issues.
    This item was purchased for E195 in 2016.


    • Very good playback support
    • Internal HDD bay
    • 4k HDR support
    • Good 3D support


    • Old Android version
    • A lot of small bugs
    • A huge bug with HDMI-CEC killing

    Build Quality




    Networking, Internet, Streaming quality




    Set up, Menus, Remote


    Value for Money



      Old android version ?
      But its one of the first Android device to have Nougat 7.0 update installed on it .
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