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  • Gibba
    Playstation VR Review
    Review of Sony PSVR VR Headset by Gibba, Nov 15, 2017.
    I purchased this back in July and was not sure if this would work for me due to having eye issues and not being able to see out of my left eye.

    Getting it out of the box and setting it up was very simple and straight forward. The headset is very comfy even for me with a very large head and someone who wears glasses.

    The first thing I noticed was how good the depth of the screen / unit was and how impressed i was with the picture quality.

    My favourite games I have played so far Rush of blood and fruit ninja but hoping to play a few more of the demanding / better reviewed games shortly.

    This is very good for socialising as this appears on the TV too so everyone can have a laugh.

    I would definitely recommend getting one as this works very well, runs smoothly and if someone with one eye can get the full effect of it then it must be mind blowing for someone with both eyes and 20/20 vision!

    well done Sony, great work as always!
    This item was purchased for £349.99 from Very in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • great field of vision
    • excellet effects and depth
    • great for larger parties / social evenings
    • very realistic


    • not wireless
    • sometimes can go a bit blurry and needs to be recalibrated



    Build Quality






    Value for Money



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