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  • Har-One
    Playing with a TX-50CX802
    Review of Panasonic TX-50CX802B LED LCD TV by Har-One, Nov 4, 2015.
    First Impressions.

    The TV looks quite nice and give some sort of quality idea. The 50 inches is big TV but it can be handle by one person easily. One person is a relative term, to put it into context. I was able to lift it on my own and take it upstairs without any help. The stand is easy to attach it has two Philips screws, again it can be a single-person job.

    The power cord seems a bit short to me, around 1.5 meters. However, it is detachable source a larger one should not be a problem. Once the TV is started it goes through the usual selecting tuner(s), searching for channels, setting country, language etc. I must say I like the look of Firefox OS. It feels different initially but it is very easy to understand the layout of the menus and getting familiar with it. Updating firmware is a very easy task. It does check for it automatically but it can be disabled.

    Connecting to the network is quite simple. It has one RJ45 connector and wireless 2.4 and 5 GHz. Either way it is quite simple to configure, assuming that your network uses a DHCP server. If you have a router most likely than not you have this sort of configuration. Configuring the network manually is equally as simple but you need to know what you are doing. I assume that if one going this route one has done it before.

    The networking capabilities of this TV are excellent. It has a Cloud service with Panasonic. The Remote App works beautifully. It has several functionalities. It can send media to the TV very easily. It also can stream the TV into the phone or tablet. The keyboard is quite nice specially if trying to input text with the remote. I recommend using it for Web Browsing, app launching and managing.

    It has DLNA server and client. The client does not have vast support for codecs. However, it works very nicely and easy to navigate. The server can offer all the media on USB attached disks as well as the turner content, quite a nice feature.

    One of the serious advantages over other televisions is that it has a File sharing server and client. It allows to browse the network file shares or NAS devices as it were a computer. It also offer the USB attached HDD to the network to browse from other computers. The file sharing setup is a bit tricky with windows. A shortcoming is that the password field does not allow all characters that can be used in a computer for passwords. !#$%&(){}-._ are the only symbols allow for passwords. This limitation does not apply to Encryption Keys.

    It also has the usual Apps, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, iPlayer, ITV player, 4, Demand 5, Freeview Play and freetime. It also has the Firefox Browser. Netflix is quite simple to use. The browser is a Firefox for the TV platform. I did not use it a lot but browsing BBC News was quite good. I think the Remote App for phones or tablets is the best way to control the Browser. It makes easy to input text. There is an app store but a Panasonic account is needed.

    It has a scart, composite, HDMI 2.0 (3) and USB 2 (2 ports) & 3 (1 port) as well as digital (1) and satellite (2) tuners input. I think this is a simple as it gets. Keep in mind that when connecting a laptop using HDMI make sure that the HDMI is set to Digital otherwise the sound will not be sent to the TV. HDMI also has mode 1 and mode 2, if the wrong mode is selected the Blu Rays will look horrendous. USB Ports are on the side as well as HDMI (3). HDMI (2) with ARC is facing downward. It also has optical audio output. It can send 5.1 audio to the receiver if ARC is not an option. The USB 3.0 port is the one used for PVR functions.

    The TV has very good uniformity and good colour and grey scale out of the box. I did some readings with Calman and X-Rite i1Display meter, in THX Cinema the colour and grey scale are very accurate. The blue is the colour which has the greatest error but well below 5. The grey scale is bit off between 10% and 40% but very good between 50 and 100%. The gamma is tracking 2.2. It will benefit from calibration but just out of the box it has excellent colours.

    Up-scaling is very decent with SD channels and DVD. Needless to say that from Blu-Ray and HD Channels is superb. I did notice that when watching some internet content e.g "YouTube, Hello, from Adele" the gradation of blacks are a bit block-ish sometimes. I can see how it goes from one shade to the other. However, I have not seen it in other material and that includes DVD and SD TV. As a matter of fact I am watching Blackthorn on BBC 1 HD whilst writing this and the quality is extremely good.

    I have not seen any obvious banding, DSE or darkening edges. It is safe to assume that these sort issues can be present since LCD TVs are notorious for them. The viewing angles are not best. Colour changes can be easily seen when watching from the side. Black levels are good for most users.

    4K is absolutely gorgeous. I have seen a few videos and or series on YouTube, Netflix and USB. We all know that the 4K material is “extremely abundant”. Fortunately, this is getting better all time and 4K Blu-Ray players are just around the corner.

    It is not the CZ902 but for an LCD and its price, it is a very worthy option.

    I have no complains with it. Speech is clear and loud enough. I have never pay too much attention to this. I would say that for normal TV viewing, including films, is more than enough. I personally believe that to get proper audio one needs an external solution with the speakers allocated accordingly.

    It has a remote with usual buttons. It feels nice on the hand. It has dedicated Netflix, Apps and Home buttons. It also has one button to activate the back light on the keys. It also have the keys for PVR functions record, play, fast forward, next etc. It also has a touchpad remote which is more compact, less keys and voice function. I know that many will not like this function but the voice commands are very good. Voice recognitions has come a long way. I remember the earlier attempts of Microsoft where it would write the funniest things and when one was laughing about it, it kept writing all sorts.

    It can turn on and off the TV, change channels volumes, search the web, etc. To active it just say “Hello television” and to exit “Thanks Television”. The “help” voice command show a list of voice commands.

    A great absentee is a dedicated 3D button. It has to be activated from the menu. I cannot comment on 3D other than it has the usual settings right and left, up and down and 2D to 3D.

    The home screen is very simple and clear it has three options, Live TV, Apps and Devices. Other channels and inputs can be pin to it for easy access. If the home button is pressed for 3 second the info frame comes up that can be access with left, right, up and down keys of the remote. It has TV, Recommended, Notification, and Weather. The info frame also can be activated with the voice command “Info Frame”

    The TV also has a very small angle leaning backward when on the stand. However, I only noticed it when another member asked about it.

    The TV has an eHelp section which does exactly does and it has a dedicated remote button. It very pleasant aesthetically. I am old fashion so I prefer to download the PDF and having on my computer whilst playing with the TV.

    Freeview Play.
    It is very similar to the Tivo TV guide. It needs Internet access and can show programs from certain channels depending on the region you are in. It does not need an aerial for it to work. It is like a TV guide that can go backward and will show a list of programs available for a particular channel. Days are in columns and the channel button will change the channel program list.

    This is not a professional review but a personal experience trying to help potential buyers make a decision. Please try to demo the TV if you really want purchase it. Nobody can evaluate if this TV is good for you, but yourself.


    • Uniformity
    • Upscaling
    • Networking capabilities
    • Voice commands


    • Codecs support seems very limited.
    • Some internet content can have banding colours.

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black Level


    Screen Uniformity


    Colour Accuracy


    Greyscale Accuracy


    Video Processing


    2D Picture Quality


    Picture Quality Out-Of-The-Box


    Sound Quality


    Smart Features


    Build Quality


    Ease Of Use


    Value for Money



    • RomanHD

      very nice ... did you try THX and some sensor for room brightnes? It works?

      Here we have CXW804B :)
    • Har-One

      The THX Cinema mode has the ambient sensor turn off by default. I did not turn it on. It has it on Cinema and it kind of work. I usually turn it off because I do not like the taking control :)
    • ProfessorKalkyl
      Hi, what do you mean by "Black levels are good for most users." ?
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