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Philips 65PUS7601 User Review

  • only1hammy
    Philips knocks it out of the park with the PUS7601
    Review of Philips 65PUS7601 LED LCD TV by only1hammy, Dec 30, 2016.
    As we all know, supply of this TV has been limited since its release earlier this year. UK stock is almost non-existent, and supplies have ran out in Germany, Finland, and across Europe. I was beginning to think Philips had made this out of unobtanium - until my patience finally paid off.

    I have had the 65PUS7601 for a week now and, after spending a month with the 65KS7000, I have to say the Philips beats it hands-down on picture quality. Don't get me wrong, the Samsung can produce a fantastic looking picture at times, but there are some points which need highlighting between the TVs to make my opinion more clear. For example, the local dimming on the 7601 is actually local and does not dim large sections of the screen as the KS7000 does. This is to be expected of course, due to the edge-lit nature of the Samsung, but seeing a FALD operating is something to behold. It impresses to almost the same level as an OLED. For what it's worth, I measured black at 0.000 (full field) with dimming enabled. The 'limited' brightness of the Philips is absolutely not a problem unless, perhaps, you like to watch your TV in the garden. It is more than capable of reaching 500-600nits, depending on picture mode, settings, and how accurate you want to keep the picture.

    Now, yes, the colour gamut of the TV is relatively muted. After calibration it was reported to cover 'only' 73%~ of DCI P3. However, in practice, it has truly beautiful, vibrant colours and you never feel you are missing out on anything. This is particularly the case after calibration, as colours became visibly more saturated.

    There is something of an elephant in the room when it comes to out-of-box performance of this TV. From an accuracy standpoint it is poor, exhibiting far too much blue in the grayscale. Furthermore, as other review sites have mentioned, there was a large spike (lowering) in gamma to 2.6-2.7 at 5% stimulas which meant anything close to black was being crushed. The rest of the grayscale tracked at around 2; again, a problem. With my limited calibration skills and a whole lot of trial and error, I finally got it measuring where I wanted:


    I may switch to a 2.4 power gamma - the image is simply to show what is possible post calibration. I won't post pre-calibration measurements as they are more or less in-line with other review sites, particularly those who measure the 5% gamma spike. I will also confess to creating a 3DLUT for use with madVR which increased accuracy even further, but I understand most people won't go this route. A colour chart measuring the 3DLUT accuracy can be seen below. Almost perfect, with only red being somewhat under-saturated.


    Android TV is a big pile of sticky mess. I am saying this as an Android fan boy who roots his phones and has been known to flash the occasional nightly. I'll keep it concise: almost nothing works properly with regards to the 'smart' functions of the TV and, when it does, it is very sporadic with regular dropouts, freezes, and the like. It is not a problem for me as I have very little use for the features, but folks like having Netflix and the Twitters on their TV. Chomecast Ultra to the rescue?

    A quick word on the Ambilight. I calibrated to D65.. and now have a glowing coloured light behind my TV; it is that good. I prefer the more calm settings rather than disco mode, but it's now something I couldn't imagine a TV NOT having. 'Warm white' looks close to D65 if you prefer simple bias lighting.

    I think that is pretty much everything - apologies for going on this long! If anyone has questions, feel free to ask below or in Steve's discussion thread and I'll do my best to answer.
    This item was purchased for €1499 after CB from Verkkokauppa.com in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Absolute black
    • Ambilight
    • Very even panel, little-to-no banding
    • Excellent plasma-like build quality


    • Android TV
    • Out-of-box performance
    • Regular crashing requiring power cable removal (see Android TV)
    • Internal speakers are quite poor

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black Level


    Screen Uniformity


    Colour Accuracy


    Greyscale Accuracy


    Video Processing


    2D Picture Quality


    Picture Quality Out-Of-The-Box


    Picture Quality Calibrated


    Sound Quality


    Smart Features


    Build Quality


    Ease Of Use


    Value for Money



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