KEF R500 User Review

  • KenM10759
    Perfect for combo music & cinema
    Review of KEF R500 Hi-Fi Speaker by KenM10759, Dec 26, 2017.
    I love these speakers! They're the right balance of cost & performance, and the size ideal for my medium sized room (4m x 5.8m) and when set a proper distance from the rear boundary is NOT "overblown" bass. The highest frequencies can be a bit rolled-off with warmer amps, though with the right electronics feeding them it's corrected. The soundstage has incredible depth, some in front of the speakers and some behind them, though maintains well even off-axis quite a bit. Could they be better? Yes but the value of what you get for this price cannot be overstated.
    This item was purchased for US $1800 from Audio Video Therapy of Nashua NH, USA in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Beautiful finish, attention to detail is impeccable.
    • Tremendous definition of soundstage, placement of instruments.
    • Broad latitude in placement, distance between them.


    • Be careful with the "link" as it's not obvious which is on or off.
    • Aluminium woofer cones easily and permanently dented.

    Build Quality




    Sound Quality


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