Panasonic Smart TV System 2014 User Review

  • P Pea
    Panasonic Smart TV system
    Review of Panasonic Smart TV System 2014 Smart TV System by P Pea, Nov 4, 2017.
    Of all that I have tried, this is by far the worst. BBC iPlayer hardly ever works, other apps are outdated. Netflix is the only app to stay up to date. The Tv guide is difficult to use, restricted to 7 days and looks dated. Home screen system is slow and terribly boring. Why would you social network with your tv. Media player is a nightmare to negotiate and you can't use a separate remote and mouse. To be honest Panasonic should just scrap the Smart just add a few more USB sockets and sell the thing £400 cheaper. It would sell like hot cakes as the customers could plug in all their seperate devices like Firestick, Now TV, Google thingamebob etc. Then we would have better TV's. Smart TV's what a joke!
    This item was purchased for 1450 from Costco in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Fantastic picture.
    • Great remote.


    • Smart Firmware
    • Home system
    • TV guide

    Ease of Use


    Media Playback Quality


    Applications - Software


    Applications - Hardware


    VOD Features


    Social Networking


    Web Browsing


    EPG/PVR Features



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