Marantz SR8012 User Review

  • LampSword
    Outstanding AV Receiver
    Review of Marantz SR8012 AV Receiver by LampSword, May 6, 2018.
    I home auditioned the Marantz SR8012 for two weeks and then tried the SR7012 for another two weeks. Although the specs are very similar and on paper I thought the SR7012 was the better bargain at around half the price of the SR8012. I was astonished at the performance levels of the SR8012 and the difference was so immense that I simply had to increase my budget and go for the SR8012. It is so much more musical, focused, dynamic, and has lower noise levels too. Stereo focus is greater and their is more Air and fine detail in the sound. My previous A/V amp was the Pioneer SC-LX86 which was very good, but the Marantz is the best AV receiver I’ve ever heard. Auro3D is fabulous for Music and a significant improvement on Dolby Surround. My only gripe is the high UK price versus the US price and versus the similar spec bargain UK priced SR7012.i would also prefer faster switching between sound modes which was much faster in my Pioneer AV receiver. I use pre-out from the SR8012 to a Krell KSA100S power amp and the results are simply astonishing. Using Spotify via SkyQ as a source for music results in a musical and dynamic sound as good or better than CD. Very happy indeed
    This item was purchased for 2400 from Harrow Audio in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Dynamic and full of Rhythm
    • Fine detail
    • Auro3D
    • Powerful
    • Quiet background (Black)
    • Atmos works well


    • Circular top display is too small so always have the bottom flap open to read data
    • UK Price
    • Time delay switching Sound Modes
    • No advice given onscreen for optimising Setup Menu Audio or Video settings on screen
    • Auro3D not available on all Surround settings

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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    • High Fidelity
      With Marantz AVR 6011 I find that you have to disconnect lead from pre-out to stereo amplifier if switching to a different function e.g. using the stereo amp for CD or Tuner, otherwise it introduces hum and does not work ,this is a nusiance. With my Yamaha Aventage 1070 I can leave the lead in situ
    • High Fidelity
      Lampsword, Did you find using pre-outs only on both 7012 & 8012 the latter was better, I would expect both to sound same.
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