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Gone Baby Gone User Review

  • lucasisking
    Outstanding Affleck debut
    Review of Gone Baby Gone movie by lucasisking, Sep 24, 2015.
    Gone Baby Gone

    Ben Affleck's first feature film is an exceptional Boston-set mystery thriller that I'm not sure how I've managed to miss until now. What a complete rollercoaster of a film; a narrative that takes you in one direction only to suddenly lurch in another, and then another, then another, until the revelatory ending with a humdingerof a moral conundrum for the characters and the audience. I found myself genuinely torn and am still not sure what I'd have done in the protagonist's shoes.

    The cast are just as impressive as the story; Casey Affleck proves again to be as adept in front of the camera as his brother is behind it; Michelle Monaghan is superb as his conscionable wife; and Amy Ryan is impressively authentic as the questionable mother; heavyweights Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris add even further gravitas (especially the latter); in fact all of them are on point (including the ever reliable Titus Welliver). The rougher district of Boston in which this is set is a character in itself; with its suburban squalor, rough bars and rougher folks.

    Superior perhaps even to his later efforts; the excellent The Town and Argo.


    • Unpredictable story that keeps you on your toes
    • Superb performances across the board
    • Challenging ethical themes


    • Might be upsetting to some


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    • Stuart Wright
      I found it on Sky movies. It didn't get much publicity because the Madeleine McCann event was happening at the time. That's why we missed it, I think. Agree it's a very good movie.
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