Knock Knock User Review

  • lucasisking
    Opportunity Knocks, but Roth slams the door shut
    Review of Knock Knock Movie by lucasisking, Jul 21, 2017.

    Oh dear. Despite all the negative reviews I was intrigued to see this, and found myself enjoying it for the first few acts. Left alone to finish working on a project, Keanu Reeves answers the door to two apparently lost and unfeasibly attractive girls seeking shelter from the rain. This part of the movie works. Having established Reeves as happily married, you see his caution, discomfort and tempered friendliness as the two girls gradually make increasingly greater demands on his hospitality. He portrays a man who is clearly tempted, but it's under control. However the two girls are sexy, tactile and seductive; their conversation becoming increasingly salacious and their attire increasingly skimpy, so it's hard to imagine (even with the best of intentions) how one could resist the 'free pizza' on offer.

    The actual premise in interesting and promises a blend of home invasion fun with fatal attraction style regret, but unfortunately, Roth blows it. After the initial seduction the film becomes an increasingly implausible, stupid, nonsensical jumble of cruel pranks and appalling acting (but curiously, virtually no violence). Keanu was never going to get an Oscar nomination, but here he delivers inarguably the worst A-list performance this century. His monologue for example is toe-curlingly bad (although I have to blame Roth for this; Reeves was extremely fun in The Neon Demon and decent in John Wick). The girls fare better but their characters aren't explored at all and their motivations are unexplained. Not in an 'enigmatic' sense, but in a 'cant be bothered to write a back story' sense. They also seem to go to absurdly labour-intensive lengths to screw up the protagonist's life and home. Why go to such lengths? And the conclusion seems unnecessarily cruel and pointless. Fatal Attraction had a cautionary message. What's the message here? "Don't let yourself be aggressively seduced by naked psycho sluts if they show up at your home?". Ok, thanks Eli. I'll bear that in mind the next time that happens. And if there's no message, then at least make something realistic and effective. Look at the intense verisimilitude of Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room. This is more like The Room.


    • Reasonably fun premise
    • Seduction scenes are well done
    • The two girls are well cast


    • Appalling execution
    • Bad script
    • Reeves' worst performance since Dracula
    • Lousy ending
    • Feels cruel, pointless
    • Doesn't deliver in the horror department


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