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  • Coz22998
    One hell of a disc.......and the film isn't bad either!
    Review of Deepwater Horizon UHD Blu-ray by Coz22998, Feb 11, 2017.
    I'll get this out of the way right upfront: this disc is every bit as technically impressive as the UHD BD of Pacific Rim. There. Said it.

    As a technical presentation, even on my 6 year old, 1080p PJ and two year old AVR, this was frighteningly good. The picture was so detailed, but almost unnaturally realistic, it came across as borderline 3D. The deep blacks and bright highlights were gorgeous and I can only imagine what HDR will do to this, but as pictures go, this is one of the best I have ever seen on disc. And then we have the Atmos track - wow. From the get go, its a full on immersion of sound, from quiet sounds of a house waking up, to cars driving by on a road, to helicopters on an airfield......and all that before we get to the disaster itself. There's LFE like you wouldn't believe, sound is constantly all around, but its got a real natural tone, feel (well as natural as a burning and collapsing oil rig can sound like!) and massive 'weight' to it that you can believe you are trapped in that maelstrom with the film. As I said, this disc is up there with Pacific Rim as being one of the most incredibly impressive presentations I've ever seen and heard.

    The film again isn't what I was expecting - its quite a measured approach to the story of the disaster. An hour of build up, which takes incredibly complex technical jargon and almost makes you understand it....almost! But it does succeed in building, building, building, right up to the minute of the disaster. And from there, there were no 'one man saves the day' heroics (although from the front cover you wouldn't know that!), just a fairly short (approx. 30 mins) retelling of the facts of the disaster and rescue. But its done so incredibly well, backed up by superb visual effects (anyone who says CG fire isn't realistic needs to watch this), that its a real, visceral experience.

    And while the ending isn't quite up to gut punch endings of other true life movies (like Lone Survivor or Captain Philips say) - only because we haven't had the real connections to one or two characters throughout the whole movie like those movies (its much more an ensemble piece, focussing on events rather than characters) - it does highlight the benefits of casting honest to goodness movie stars in these kinds of roles: when you see a Wahlberg or a Russell break down, you feel it because of them as actors. They are as good as they've ever been here.

    Summary - an utterly superb presentation of a really good film. No 'movie' heroics here, its more measured than that (I was afraid from the reviews that Malkovich would be a real pantomime villain, but he wasn't, not by a long shot) and brilliantly realised on screen. I can't recommend this disc (and the film) enough for those with 4K and Atmos set ups.
    This item was purchased for £22.49 from Carmenymario (EBay seller) in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Simply one of the best AV experiences I've ever had
    • The film is better than expected due to a measured approach.....
    • .....without heroic histrionics and flag waving brew-ha-ha


    • None
    • Honestly!
    • Er.......Mark Wahlbergs head is too prominent on the cover? Ok I'm stretching.....



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