Oppo BDP-105D User Review

  • jman57
    OK for the money
    Review of Oppo BDP-105D Blu-ray Player by jman57, Nov 27, 2015.
    My opinion is that while the 105d is a nice machine, well built, great sound, features, there is much room for improvement and there are a couple bugs that OPPO does not seem to be addressing. I bought this unit about a year and a half back (mid 2014), I originally had some a/v sync issues on any signals run thru the OPPO on the HDMI ports and while the unit does have a manual sync adjustment, in spans a mere 200 ms and I was several seconds off, no matter, I just didn't use the HDMI and went analog. The sound quality is good, but the OPPO overdrives on some music unless I turn the volume down on the OPPO. This overdrive causes the music to be distorted on most of my music, but not all. OPPO support wanted to blame my amp but I swapped it out for another and had the same issue, plus I have the issue with my headphones plugged into the OPPO so it is definitely manifesting in the OPPO, the unit is over driving itself, again no matter, I just turn down the volume, none the less it is still a bug. A real problem is the unit locks up every day or 2, power cycling fixes it, I have seen only one other review that had this issue, so it's not just my unit. I've realize this lockup only happens when I've been using the netflix player so must be some sort of software conflict. The music player works well, but is lacking in functionality, once it starts playing you cant browse for other music without stopping play and there is no playlist displayed. There is playlist capability, but I found it a pain to use, it is not at all user friendly or even self explanatory to use, an easy fix, yet has not been. One feature that would be nice is a way to control bass and treble, perhaps a software based EQ, there is none in the OPPO, so your either at the mercy of your source mix, or you run from the OPPO to a preamp or stereo that has this kind of control. If you run the signal from the OPPO directly to component amps as I had originally planned, you'll have no bass/treble or EQ functionality. OPPO support is a bit limited, I contacted them numerous times, they don't have an organized system of problem tracking that I could tell, they give a lot of general easy fix answers like "update your firmware", or blame the other components in your system and ask you to call back if that does not resolve the issue, when you contact them again there is no record trail for the issue, you start all over with basic suggestions, end users are responsible for follow through on problem resolution, OPPO demonstrates no sense of ownership. For me this kind of dead end support got old and I gave up. I suppose I'm not the best customer for a help desk, I was an engineer all my life and have worked in software, hardware and home entertainment, I have worked in these technical fields since the 80's. Still I would buy it again unless I found something better, I use it everyday.
    This item was purchased for >1200. from OPPO in 2014. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • sound, picture quality, BR playback is great, darby.


    • lacks audio processing for bass and treble, locks up often, has a couple bugs.

    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality




    Ease Of Use


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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