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  • david august
    Not dependable...
    Review of Tidal Music Streaming Service Music Streaming Service by david august, Mar 10, 2018.
    I love having a massive quantity of music available at CD quality bitrate for about the price of one CD each month. But unfortunately the delivery is not consistent; it suffers from dropouts which have nothing to do with ISP bandwidth. Netflix streams fine, for example. Music interruptus will drive you crazy if you were either listening seriously, or using it as background for a massage, or wanting to play something specific while friends are over.

    The other problem it suffers is that music that it currently lists as being there will not play; it simply skips right over it and drops down to whatever is next in the list. The other trouble is that albums or songs that they once "owned" go away, leaving greyed out areas in your playlists.

    In short, you just can't count on it. I will immediately switch to Spotify if/when they go to the higher bitrate, and may even switch before that to preserve sanity...
    This item was purchased for US$ 20/month in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Good depth in pop music
    • Easy enough to work with playlists.


    • Read review
    • weak in Classical genre perhaps

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