White House Down User Review

  • Stuart Wright
    Not as good as Olympus Has Fallen
    Review of White House Down Movie by Stuart Wright, Jun 9, 2014.
    In isolation, I might have enjoyed this movie a bit more. But having seen Olympus Has Fallen previously, I found myself comparing the two on several occasions.
    When the president of the USA leaned out of a moving car window and scored a bullseye with a rocket launcher, I stopped taking the film seriously and switched off to a degree.
    The big budget effects were impressive, but on the whole I felt the film missed the mark with me simply by being aimed at an age group a decade or two younger than me.
    Olympus has Fallen, on the other hand, was more mature, and enjoyed its brutality far more.


    • Good effects


    • Story got silly
    • Failed to engage me fully


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