Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens User Review

  • bobbygoode
    Not a Starwars fan - i am now!
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie by bobbygoode, Jan 5, 2016.
    From someone how hasn't watched any other star wars movie. My husband and sons like star wars and were very excited about the new film. I was unsure at first whether to join them at the cinema to watch this as its really not my kind of film, anyway, I thought Id go to get a better understanding of my sons favourite toys etc.

    The film was fantastic, kept me awake and very entertained. There wasn't one scene that I felt bored in and I was very entertained at the whole film and I knew my sons (7 and 4) were also very entertained by it. There is no need to have watched the other films as I understood what was happening and was gutted when a main character was killed. We were all on the edge of our seat and were cheering for Rey to win the battle with Ren. When the next film comes out I will be there on opening day!


    • The main character was female


    • The death of a main character


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