Hisense H65M7000 User Review

  • mikenico
    Nice TV But
    Review of Hisense H65M7000 LED LCD TV by mikenico, Nov 30, 2017.
    The tv itself is well built and feels solid, picture quailty is good but UHD is not enabled it might have the ability to show but most places like Amazon,Youtube its does not function This is a major upset if Hisence is going to compete with Samsung and LG, the biggest diserpointment is the software, PVR is flawed it will record but what you record one does not know, it has no form of ID as to what you recored. as it stands waste of time, there are other flaws with the software to very sluggish and slow and lack of good smart features, one major problem is the Mirrorcast this chooses as and when it wants to work from a andriod phone.

    If Hisence want to break into being a major player in the UK they have a lot of work to do, and right now thier prices are not far from Samsung and LG, I bought the hisense 65m7000 65" uhd tv
    would I buy a hisence again? not at the prices and not if the sofware and flaws are not sorted.

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