Yamaha Restio Mini ISX-80 User Review

  • kgi111
    Nice design bad sound
    Review of Yamaha Restio Mini ISX-80 Hi-Fi Speaker by kgi111, Feb 22, 2016.
    I started with WX-030 twice. very dark sounding. I bought the ISX.80 instead it costs £100 more. I had it for 24 hours and then I returned it.
    The design is different someone will like it other probably not, I fell in between so if the sound was ok, I could live with the design. At the price tag I can get other much better sounding speakers. The Musiccast is awesome. The IOS app is one of the better apps in the streaming apps department, that I have tried. I have the Yamaha NX-N500 awesome speakers sounds fantastic. But too big for my kitchen. I would have loved a Yamaha Musiccast speaker in my kitchen. But price vs. audio is a total no go. Actual Price was not that important. For me the Airplay, and the internet radio app, multiroom(without airplay though), was the criteria. But audio performance comes before anything else.
    Yamaha you normally do so much better than this. You know the competition (Sonos), You've already beaten them on streaming protocols you are on par with musiccast. But audio performance I am very disappointed.
    I chose Cambridge Audio S200 it sound way better but is also way bigger. No multiroom no stereo feature with two units. Bad remote Bad App. Slow to start. All areas where Yamaha is way better. But the audio performance must be priority one for a speaker. Oh, Yamaha I would so much have bought one of your products if only...
    This item was purchased for £350 from tapeconnection in 2016. The reviewer replaced this with the product Cambridge Audio S200.


    • Musiccast
    • IOS App
    • Versatile in streaming


    • Audio sound is way below par
    • Price vs audio performance is wrong

    Build Quality




    Sound Quality


    Ease of Use





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