Final Audio Design Heaven II User Review

  • Spike_UK
    Musical Bliss!
    Review of Final Audio Design Heaven II Earphones by Spike_UK, Jul 6, 2015.
    Needed a new pair of headphones after the wire broke in my previous ones. I prefer vocal clarity over booming bass in earphones, so Ed's review convinced me to give them a go. I can't believe how good the clarity is, on some tracks you can hear the singer breathing in before the next line! Its also superb for listening to Two Steps From Hell :thumbsup:.

    I think they look very stylish in Blue/Gray and the 3.5mm jack is very good quality. I don't find they tangle very much and are comfortable to wear. Just hoping the cable is more durable than others I've had...
    If you like to 'listen' to your music, the Heaven II's are a great purchase!

    (Used with a Sony NWZ-A867 Walkman)
    This item was purchased for £73.99 from Amazon UK. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Fantastic Clarity!
    • Stylish
    • Good quality 3.5mm jack


    • Bass will be lacking for some people.

    Build Quality


    Ease of Use


    Sound Quality







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