Murideo Fresco Six-G User Review

  • Sstain
    Murideo Six G user
    Review of Murideo Fresco Six-G Test Device by Sstain, Dec 2, 2015.
    Let me start by saying I have been very pleased with the support response provided to date by the manufacturer & Many of my questions are because the manual is very long and could use some help that I'm told is being done. I use the Six-G for doing calibrations w/ Spectracal Calman 5 and they also have been very helpful. Every pattern including the colour girls is included and it is very easy to use and with the 600mhz chip and the ability to do up to 48bit and 18gbps will be useful for the foreseeable future. They even will add patterns including HDR via firmware very soon. I have also been going over the trouble shooting guide in the manual and have come across cables and DA's/TV's that are making HDCP 2.2 and bandwidth claims that are not true. It is much better to test early and much easier to explain to my customers.

    The early promotion gave me a extra year of Calman 5 support and old gear trade is discount but I'm not sure if it still in place. Doesn't hurt to ask.

    Looking forward to others feedback....
    This item was purchased for $2495 from in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • HDCP 2.2 & 18GBPS and ease of use
    • ISF and I'm told DPL approved


    • My case came later and it needs a little tab for the peel off glass cover

    Build Quality






    Ease of Use






    Value for Money



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