Malatesta's Carnival of Blood User Review

  • Coz22998
    Montezuma's Carnival of Crud
    Review of Malatesta's Carnival of Blood Movie by Coz22998, May 10, 2016.
    Unfortunately this film is exactly what I feared the American Horror Project would deliver - films that are all over the place, pretentious and well, a bit crap.

    So a middle aged couple with a teenage daughter take over a ride at a decrepit old carnival. Oddness ensues when a family disappear on the Tunnel of Love and then the plot kicks in - the carnival is manned by vampires/zombies/some kind of cannibal/blood sucking nasty and the couple are there to find a son who had previously disappeared at the carnival. Now that plot description makes it sound pretty cool.....its not.

    Its really low budget and unfortunately that hurts the film - they could only shoot at the carnival at night when there were no punters around, hence the film feels just odd - why ARE there no punters around?????? What's even worse is they have 2 scenes with punters meeting their end, so as to tease you about what the film could have been if it was played a bit straighter :mad:. Its also trying way to hard to be weighty - all that early 70s pretentious crud you would expect is here - mad as fish dream sequences that mean nothing that then segue into reality with no explanation, hugely undercooked narrative and a mythology that could have been explored or even explained slightly but just isn't.

    Even its 75 min run time feels long, which is a shame as there are some nearly cool little scenes - the odd job man with the wonky eye that's really creepy; if they'd concentrated on more of the kills (death by fairground ride was most amusing!!!) rather than going for a 'feel' of oddness and missing by a mile would at least have given us something to enjoy. So all in, this was a bit rubbish really. American Horror project is 1 not bad one, 1 rubbish one......lets see what the third one holds!

    Summary - didn't enjoy this. Tried too hard to be pretentious and it succeeded wildly without being scary, creepy or plain odd enough. Transfer is as expected - not great but the best they could do - and extras are ok, but not essential. I'm glad we're getting to see some different types of films here, but I'm having second thoughts about buying any further volumes of this - there's a lot resting on the third one of the set!!!


    • Not a lot
    • Er..........the dude with the glass eye was a bit creepy for a few seconds
    • Nope, that's it


    • Everything else
    • Seriously............


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