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Big Hero 6 User Review

  • lucasisking
    Marvel-ous Disney future classic
    Review of Big Hero 6 Blu-ray by lucasisking, Jun 1, 2015.
    Big Hero 6 (3d)

    In a word: wow. Fantastic animated superhero surprise that delighted me probably even more than my super-excited kids. This is how you get a CG animated epic right. Awe-inspiring imagination, thrilling action adventure, stunning animation, big on heart, even bigger on ideas, great story, great characters= massive win. Up there with The Incredibles, Wall-E, and perhaps even rivalling some high profile live action superfilms in terms of emotional engagement and rollercoaster excitement. From the amazing nano-bot presentation, to Hiro's breathtaking Baymax flight over Sanfransokyo, to the stunning and psychedelic finale; every second of this is animated gold. A look at the extras shows why this works so well in comparison to cynical, corporate trash like, say, Monsters v Aliens. Actual care went into this, actual thought. From the inventive and scientifically literate futurism, through to the heartfelt moral themes of family loss and revenge; the makers were driven by genuine creativity rather than lowest-common-denominator humour conjured up by committee. If you can't tell, I'm really impressed.

    I'll settle for a Big Heroic 9

    3d was slightly undercooked; adding some nice depth to the flawless CG but nothing to convince any 3dphobes. Whatever dimension you choose however, the picture is pure cystalline perfection. Lots of Akira-style neons and blacks to indulge your screen, and more than a few photoreal daylight vistas that wouldn't look out of place in a live action production. Yep, it looks quite nice.
    This item was purchased for 18.00 from Sainsburys in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Great fusion of Marvel thrills with Disney heart
    • Colourful and gorgeous animation
    • Exciting action scenes
    • Loveable characters
    • Poignant themes and morals, but not preachy
    • Makes science look fun and exciting
    • Excellent presentation on disc


    • Slightly derivative and familiar
    • 3d slightly under-utilized


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