Marantz NR1608 User Review

  • xyzbird
    Marantz NR1608 AV Receiver
    Review of Marantz NR1608 AV Receiver by xyzbird, Feb 4, 2018.
    Peter Tyson did a part exchange for my old Yamaha RXV660 for £40.00 and collected it on same delivery.

    Main reason for upgrade was the internet radio which has it all and is for me far superior to the old FM and (useless) AM this unit has. Forget DAB - you can get it on the internet receiver.

    The set up and use is pretty good once you go through it all with help from the connected TV as monitor. Then the remote can be used with basic indications on the one line fluorescent display once you have learnt where the menus are.

    My favourite internet station is The Jazz Groove which in my opinion is by far the best 24/7 advert less music source. This station has 64 and 128 mbps streams for East and West so one can switch to the other for a change in what's playing. Favourites can easily be set up and accessed for other stations.

    One concern was that the mains input socket has only line and neutral - the earth pin is absent which could have been provided. So if there was an earth fault in this or connected equipment what then? Maybe my house earth leakage trip will work.

    The speaker terminals are a bit of a bind and too close together. I much preferred the spring loaded terminals the Yamaha had. My speaker wires are terminated in tang crimps which can still be used with no messy awry copper cores.

    Yes I am quite pleased with the way this has worked out as I really had no idea how it would go. No regrets whatsoever. A wide choice of inputs are provided. Zone 2 can be switched off on the remote. Very good to have an AVR Configuration system backup - it has been tested by going back to initial and retrieving all my settings including radio station favourites. There is a small power saving benefit by setting the wifi off in standby - then there is only a small delay on powering up waiting for the wifi to connect. I think it is worth it if one is trying to get the overall house consumption down when most things are off but not possible to completely turn off. Mine settles at 20 watts that includes the standby power supplies of the TV, boiler, fridge freezer, timers and remote control sockets etc. The power used by the video inputs in standby is much lower and not much benefit switched off and messes up the TV ARC.
    This item was purchased for 419.90 from Peter Tyson in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Internet Radio.
    • Good selection of Sounds.


    • No Earth.
    • Speaker terminals too close and fiddly.

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



    • SDMDAM

      Thank you for reviewing this. Have you tested it fully as a home cinema receiver and if so, can you provide some comments on that please?

      Thank you.
    • xyzbird
      Sorry didn't see your post. I am not an avid fan of movies but did try it on Avatar. Some of the speaker settings make it difficult to hear the dialogue without upping the volume. Then the walls are likely to crack! Probably the best setting in my set up was multi channel stereo. But as I said in my review, it's the internet radio for me.

      The manual provides a whole range of settings even changes can be made to dialogue clarity apparently.
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