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    Mad Max or Mad Maxine?
    Review of Mad Max: Fury Road Movie by SmartTVfor Me, Sep 22, 2015.
    Now, before we start I would like to say how one of the other reviewers only gave this film one out of ten is beyond belief. Its not a 10 out of 10 film, and I agree its more an 8 like the other reviewer gave.

    In essense 'Mad Max- Fury Road' is a reworking of the previous three films, adding bits which Miller would have liked to have put in the previous movies. It's not that hard to spot which scenes come from which film either.

    The film scores on the action front, which is at times so frenetic that you might not be able to draw breath in parts. Characterisation is also strong, but therein lies one of the problems with the film. All three of the original Mad Max films had the lead character as Max himself, the lone 'Warrior of the Wastelands' who has a rather ambiguous set of morals. This new film has the Max character mostly in the background, instead giving a large chunk of the film over to the female character played by Charlize Thieron. Now some might applaud the fact that a once male dominated genre is given some kudos by having a strong female lead, but this I believe watered down the Max character who , as tone of the reviewers stated, need not have actually appeared in the film. If your going to call a Film Mad Max then at least feature the character strongly.

    The film itself has many knowing nods to the previous three films, and therein lies yet another problem. Some of the flashbacks that Max has do not make any sense if you have not seen the previous films, especially the scenes featuring the young child. All I can presume that there will be a 'prequel' which will give us Max's back story.

    One minor grip I had about the film was the sound quality in parts, I could not hear what some of the characters were saying at times, especially the chief villian whose speech was difficult to understand because of the mask he wore.

    I came away from the movie slightly disappointed, it had been given a big build up and I was expecting a movie about Max, rather than the one about Maxine we actually got.


    • Bursting with action
    • Good Characterisation
    • Nods to the first three films


    • Dialogue difficult to hear in parts
    • Not enough of Max and too much of Maxine!


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