Blue Planet II User Review

  • Vikhund
    Looks great on older HDR sets but...
    Review of Blue Planet II UHD Blu-ray by Vikhund, Jan 25, 2018.
    The series is the most natural looking BBC documentary I've ever seen on a TV screen. I own a 2015 Samsung SUHD TV and a Sony UBP-800 player. There's occasional and slight banding on brighter patches of the sky or sea, which is due to the Deep Colour (12bit) switched off. Those older TVs don't process the 12bit signal properly. I'm used to it and it really occurs on Planert Earth II and Blue Planet II discs and some early films too. Most of the UHD discs I have are 100% free from banding. But I've noticed minor block noise on fast moving waves and also during the whales diving scene when they reach the 800m depth. Is this, again, my TV struggling, or the footage shot in such harsh environment, I don't know. So, from my personal experience, it's 9 for the picture quality but I undersrtand on a high end 2017 set it surely is a wonder to behold.
    This item was purchased for 29.99 from Amazon in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Natural look with subtle colours.
    • Many scences beautifully lit even on a 600nit TV!


    • Minor banding problems on older TVs
    • Rare instants of block noise



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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