Epson EH-LS10000 User Review

  • Tangram1
    Lives Up To (High) Expectations
    Review of Epson EH-LS10000 Projector by Tangram1, Nov 6, 2015.
    I upgraded to the Epson recently from a circa 2004 InFocus 7205 (1080i) projector which had performed flawlessly for 11 years but whose image quality had been far surpassed by modern projectors.

    I purchased the projector at the recommendation of the installer after a short demo and no side-by-side comparison (gulp). Very quiet, which was important as the projector is mounted on a low ceiling about 6 feet from the viewing position in a 20'X20' dedicated, completely black home theatre. The projector is enormous. Kind of "take you aback" enormous when you first see it. Kind of "where am I going to store the packing box" enormous. The InFocus looks like a child's toy by comparison.

    Although the Epson was calibrated by the installer, I couldn't help myself so, using Steve Withers' recommended settings as a starting point, I adjusted the settings slightly to get an image that was to my liking. As a note, I found that 4K-2 was the best resolution setting and that Eco power is suitable for most viewing but I use medium power for things such as Netflix's Daredevil, which has a lot of dark scenes.

    Overall the image is outstanding. I sit 150" away from a 100" acoustically transparent Screen Research Clearpix screen. Upscaling 1080p Blu Rays to 4K-2, despite being pseudo 4K, made a NOTICEABLE image improvement over 1080P. Let me repeat, NOTICEABLE! Upscaling of 480p material also greatly improved the image. While not HD quality, once immersed in the movie you tend to forget that you are watching SD material, a relief given the size of my SD movie collection.

    3D works like a charm. Shame the OEM glasses are so pricey. Holding off on adding another 2 pairs until I see if the family tires of 3D (dad, I'm getting a headache!)

    The main negative is a loss of detail in the blacks when using ECO mode. Where you think there should be detail, there is just black. Not always, but occasionally.

    In conclusion, this is an EXTREMELY attractive package with many high end features that add to the user experience. No, it isn't native 4K but I honestly don't care as long as it accepts native 4K, given that I will likely use the projector for 10+ years. 1080P images that are upscaled to "4K" look fabulous. For those of you who can't wrap your heads around Epson being in the same league as Sony or JVC, think again. Any hardcore home theatre enthusiast thinking about a new projector should give it consideration. It has re-energized my love of home theatre which, with the Canadian winter not far off, is a good thing.
    This item was purchased for C$8,600 from H2 Associates, Burlington, Ontario, Canada in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Image quality
    • Laser light source (no bulb replacement)
    • Whisper Quiet
    • Very well made
    • High end features enhance user experience
    • Attractive
    • Very quick on off with no worries about bulb degradation - you can watch it like a TV


    • Very large and heavy
    • Not true 4K (not an issue for me but may be for some)
    • Loss of detail in blacks when using Eco power mode
    • A bit pricey (but not compared with the competition)

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black levels


    Colour Accuracy


    Greyscale Accuracy


    Video Processing


    Image Uniformity


    2D Picture Quality


    3D Picture Quality


    Picture Quality Out-of-the-Box


    Picture Quality Calibrated




    Ease Of Use


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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