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SVS SB-2000 User Review

  • Benzyl
    Like nothing I have heard or felt outside iMax
    Review of SVS SB-2000 subwoofer by Benzyl, Oct 10, 2016.
    I never really understood sub woofers outside of movies until I got these.
    You probably should have a ported one for movies to get really thunderous sounding bass and a sealed box for music, I listen to music about 40% of the time 20% games and the other 40% is movies / TV. I had heard some ported units and for films and TV they are great but they are not really as well adjusted for music. Now though I get it, there is a level of bass that you just need a bigger driver for these guys running in tandem can really give a level of thumping bass that is really tight as well clean and crisp, these lower tones jump out as singular sounds rather than as a muddy wash that I had before.
    You should really demo them for yourselves but I just can't stop smiling when I hear something in my music that just was not reproduced before, or when a helicopter sounds in the room and the explosions shake your body and rumble on.
    This item was purchased for £800 for 2 from AVForums Classifieds in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Chest thudding base in movies
    • no roll off at comfortable volume levels
    • No distortion at all
    • Solidly built
    • Music sounds clean, tight and crisp


    • Light on the front
    • Grills stick out as they are bowed

    Sound Quality


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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