LG LHB745 User Review

  • Philsx
    Let Down By Poor Software and Controls
    Review of LG LHB745 All-In-One System by Philsx, Jan 27, 2016.
    I bought this product recently having read some very good reviews, especially about the quality, sound and value for money. What they did not highlight was a huge gap in its USEABILITY. Amazingly there is no way to switch the functionality to play TV sound from the Audio Return Channel (ARC).

    If you power the unit on via your TV (Simplink, or compatible interface such as Vierra-link) then it will switch automatically to play the TV sound through the ARC channel. However once you subsequently use another of the units many features (Bluetooth, Internet music, CD or DVD, playing music from NAS device, etc.) then there is no way to switch back to playing TV sound - either using the on screen menus or any of the remote control buttons). The only way to reconnect to ARC is to power both the TV and the home cinema on again! Madness!
    I've had many communications with LG Technical Support who have suggested lots of things but none works - it's obvious there is a basic option that is missing from the menu system and the remote.

    It's a shame as this spoils what would otherwise be a very nice home cinema unit.


    • Good sound
    • Quality Finish
    • Competitive Price
    • Lots of Features


    • Very poorly designed menu software (no ARC option on Inputs menu)
    • No way of switching to ARC input on remote control

    Build Quality




    Ease of Use


    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality




    Value for Money



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