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JVC DLA-X5000 User Review

  • lawrenced
    JVC 5000 projector
    Review of JVC DLA-X5000 projector by lawrenced, Mar 14, 2016.
    I have always loved JVC projectors, this is my 3rd since the 1st DLA in 2001 but this is the biggest jump in quality ie colour, sharpness and brightness Evan without calibration I absolutely love this projector.
    PAN dvd was gorgeous visually a
    On top of a great atmos soundtrack
    Shame the films not so good
    Anyone considering a projector £5k budget must try this!
    This item was purchased for £3995 from London home cinema in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Colour density
    • Brightness
    • Sharpness


    • I miss the motorised lense cover of the JVC x3


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