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San Andreas User Review

  • bruce-leroy
    It's better than 2012....
    Review of San Andreas blu-ray by bruce-leroy, Oct 25, 2015.
    San Andreas (2015)

    Those expecting a GTA video game to movie adaptation are going to be in for a rude awakening, as San Andreas is a pretty straightforward, generic B picture that doesn't stray too far from the tried and tested conventions of the genre. As far as disaster movies go, San Andreas is unequivocally heightened by the natural charisma of Dwayne Johnson and the actorly chops of Paul Giamatti (doing his bestest "only guy who realises the severity of the situation" acting). Not unexpectedly, The plot is ridden with the usual clichés with a focal narrative that is straight out of the soap opera handbook - there's even an odd, pointless cameo from Kylie Minogue thrown in for good measure.

    Luckily, the visual effects - which is essentially the raison d'être for these type of movies - are top tier for the most part, even if the sequences themselves are somewhat lacking the tension necessary for the all important "edge of seat" factor. In Carlo Gugino and Alexandra Daddario, San Andreas also boasts the sexiest onscreen mother and daughter combo in recent times (quite possibly of all time?), so red blooded males have that to thank for.

    Personally, I'm a sucker for disaster movies going way back to the likes of the Hollywood star studded line up of The Towering Inferno (replete with dated effects of the era) through to 2012, so I enjoyed San Andreas despite its limitations. In terms of longevity though, it's definitely not one that will live long in the memory.

    A mildly earth tremoring 6/10 (on the Richter Scale)


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    • lucasisking
      Pretty much agree having seen it. Although the disaster effects didn't strike me as being any more impressive than in 2012- less so in fact. And the old 'estranged husband proves his worth come the end of the film' cliché is beyond tired.
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