Netgear D7000 User Review

  • Azzpowis
    Improved line speed and wifi strength
    Review of Netgear D7000 Home Distribution Product by Azzpowis, Sep 29, 2015.
    Purchased the D7000 from Amazon and received it yesterday. Bought as a replacement for the standard Sky SR102 router. Very easy to set-up (once you have obtained your ISP username and password). Fibre is not yet active in my area so still stuck with traditional broadband and was not getting a consistent speed from the Sky hub (averaging 1.3Mb/s to 1.8Mb/s). The Sky Hub also struggled when multiple devices were connected. Mainly bought this unit for the built in QoS but was happy to note that my average line speed had increased to 2.3Mb/s within an hour of installing the D7000. Early days yet but looks promising.

    I must say though I am disappointed with the wifi signal range as I was expecting a significant improvement over that provided by the Sky Hub which does not appear to have happened. I have downloaded an analyser app and plan to test both the Sky Hub and the D7000 in due course to try and put some numbers to the signal strength differences (if any) SEE BELOW UPDATE.

    Update: 30/09/15
    Having now had the opportunity to compare the signal strength from both the Netgear and Sky Hub simultaneously using the Netgear network analyser app (hopefully not biased) I can confirm that the signal from the Netgear was indeed stronger than that of the Sky Hub.

    The following readings were taken by the app:

    Same room, 2m from routers: Netgear 100%/-48dBm, Netgear 5G 100%/-47dBm, Sky 100%/-46dBm

    Next room, 1 plasterboard wall, 5m from routers: Netgear 100%/-52dBm, Netgear 5G 100%/-55dBm, Sky 82%/-63dBm

    Furthest room, 2 plasterboard walls, 12m from routers: Netgear 77%/-65dBm, Netgear 5G 75%/-66dBm, Sky 33%/-85dBm

    I also used the signal graph function in the app from the furthest room which showed that both Netgear channels remained consistently stronger than the Sky Hub. The 2.4g Netgear channel was slightly stronger than the 5g channel which I understand is to be expected.

    As mentioned in my initial review the main reason for getting the unit was for QoS. Due to the very limited line speed we currently get we often noticed problems streaming spotify via our AV receiver or to our Sonos system when we were watching videos etc on our phones (Using the Sky Hub). Playback would stutter and ultimately lead to us turning off the wifi on our phones. After turning the QoS mode on and setting the AV Receiver and Sonos units as priority we have not noticed any such issues from the Netgear.

    This is an expensive upgrade compared to the "free" router from Sky for your average home. If the unit was sub £100 then I would happily give it a higher value for money score. It has (so far) appeared to have improved the line speed we are able to receive, strengthened the wifi signal (albeit not to the extent I would have thought considering the advertising behind this router) and given us the ability to prioritise which devices get their lion's share of the limited bandwidth we have.

    If you already have really high bandwidth and are looking for a unit to improve your wifi signal only then this unit may be overpriced.

    Please let me know if you require any further detail regarding this unit.
    This item was purchased for £162.49 from Amazon in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Improved line speed
    • QoS feature


    • Signal strength not as stong as expected from advertising

    Build Quality




    Ease of Use


    Connection Speed


    Value for Money



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