Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi User Review

  • Comicbookguy
    I'm with the critics on this one.
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Movie by Comicbookguy, Dec 23, 2017.
    Many have critised The last Jedi for a number of reasons. It's treatment of Snoke, Skywalkers behaviour, Leia spacewalk, I could go on but I wont. The thing is, most of those criticisms are entirely valid. Did they stop me enjoying the movie? Not one bit. If anything those things made the movie more surprising and unexpected, a good thing if you're watching the 8th movie in a franchise that likes to normally stick to a certain template.
    If you haven't seen Last jedi, just see it and let yourself go with the flow, you might enjoy it, and if you don't? Chances are that episode ix will return to the usual formula and JJ Abrams can probably be trusted to course correct the franchise anyway. I've no doubt he'll bring Phasma back for I'd and we could even see the first ever evil force ghost if Abrams is so inclined.


    • It funny, very funny.
    • Porgs!


    • Supreme leader Ren.
    • That spacewalk


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