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    I think I've got something to say to you......
    Review of Maggie Blu-ray by Coz22998, May 15, 2016.
    Morning kids and welcome to Coz Maths:

    Zombies = WIN
    Arnie = HUGE WIN

    So.......Zombies + Arnie = MASSIVE WIN right? With me so far? So if Zombies + Arnie = MASSIVE WIN, why does Maggie = FAIL?

    The other thing I love is getting a film on disc from across the pond while it's still in cinemas here so this was a dead cert. Which makes it such a shame that this is pants. Not massive pants, just disappointingly pants.

    It's the tail end of the zombie apocalypse (the infection is now no longer spreading) and our Arnie has to rescue his daughter from a hospital with a bite. I say rescue, in this world, where they are desperately trying to stem the tide of infection, they let infected people mingle with normal folk cuz it takes a few weeks to go full zombie. Read that again......they let the infected mingle, go on with their lives, until they get near 'turning', then just expect them to willingly go to a quarantine centre to die. Huh? And that massive story telling flaw is just one of the films problems.

    Yes, Arnie does act, although being honest it's a T1 type performance as he doesn't really say a lot. He's good though and you really haven't seen him like this, so kudos to him for trying something different. Abigail Breslin in not bad but both are acted off the screen by Joely Richardson in the thankless step mum role. The film is directed so damned indie-like it's infuriating - the camera is honestly never still, it's always moving. And not in the Kubrick way, in the annoying handheld shaky cam type way, even if the shot is static it's still shaking. Grrrrrrrrr. And what is it with these ruddy directors who think extreme close ups, going in and out of focus, is a legitimate film making technique. No, it's not. Now put your double shot mocca-lattino down, take a breath and use the camera to show the story, not try and have the camera be a character itself.

    The best bits of this are when its the kids - these teens seem to be the only ones who are acting like you think you would in this situation and these scenes, especially one between Breslin and a fellow infected teen is really quite touching. But really this is a disappointment - I thought when it began that why had we never seen this take on the zombie outbreak? Why is it always shooty-shooty bang bang type flicks we I know why......shame.

    The disc is pretty meh too - the image quality could be ok, but to be honest it's so dark, you can hardly see what's going on. There's so little colour (seeing the green grass in the BTS stuff, then see the dull brown it actually is in the film was a shock!) that it could be black and white. Yes, there's detail but honestly you'd be hard pushed to tell if it was fine or not peering through the murk. The lossless 5.1 track is perfunctory and heavily front focussed, showcasing another annoying indie trope - the atonal 'score' (some hipster dipstick somewhere will call this a "soundscape".....:facepalm:......ejits) that just drones on all the way through the flick. Dialogue is clear as you would expect for a modern film. But there's nothing of any interest here. Extras? Annoyingly, you get more background characterisation from the BTS interviews than you get in the film - why was Breslin wondering a city on her own in the middle of a zombie apocalypse right at the beginning is explained here, but not in the film.....WHY????? The making of is one of the better EPK type things, but it's still light on real meat. And even more annoyingly, the additional interviews are only slightly longer versions of exactly the same interview in the making of. Lazy swines. There's a commentary but by god you couldn't drag me to listen to that one.

    Summary - interesting? Yes. Is Arnie any good? Yes. The film? Dull as. Definitely not a buy this one. Another fail of trying to do something different with a zombie flick - this, Warm Bodies, Life after Beth......just stop it and give us shooty-shooty bang bangs flicks. Leave the social commentary to George as he seems the only one to know what to do with it.
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    • Its a different take alright.......


    • .......but it doesnt work thanks to ridiculous story telling and annoying camera work
    • Too hipster indie
    • Waste of Arnie



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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