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  • bruce-leroy
    I Spy.....a terrible movie
    Review of Spy Blu-ray by bruce-leroy, Dec 6, 2015.
    Spy (2015)

    What begins promisingly as a 007 parody (with a bewigged Jude Law, somewhat inexplicably, playing an American CIA agent?!?) rapidly descends into a lazy, overindulgent series of repetitive, lowest common denominator gags. With an almost two hour running time, the jokes are stretched out ad tedium to breaking point. It's fairly funny the first time, but then they recycle the same gags. Again. And again. And again. And again. E.g. The best disguise for Melissa McCarthy is that of a plain Jane/spinster; we get it, now do something else already! Jason Statham's much lauded diversion into broad comedy cannot save the movie - its only really amusing for the first couple of scenes until it's also completely done to death (and then granted a reincarnation).

    Paul Feig's breakout hit, Bridesmaids, is an ok-ish comedy mainly due to the lead performance of Kristen Wiig; fine support from the likes of Rose Byrne, Chris O'Dowd, Jon Hamm, and a few standout set pieces that succeed in tickling the funny bone. It's certainly nothing to do with Melissa McCarthy which is wherein lies the problem with Spy - her brand of potty mouthed, tasteless humour only really works in a supporting role. She's ok in small doses but as the lead star, McCarthy is far too abrasive. As for Feig, Spy doesn't just feel like a step in the wrong direction, it feels like a fall over the edge of a cliff onto a solid rock surface. To be fair, I've yet to see The Heat, but I really fear for his female led Ghostbusters if Spy is a sign of what to expect. In short, the infinitely superior Kingsman: The Secret Service is how to do this kind of thing, Spy is not.

    3/10 (two bonus marks for "The Stath" and the always lovely Rose Byrne)




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