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  • lucasisking
    Hungry like the Wolverine
    Review of Logan Movie by lucasisking, Mar 6, 2017.

    If this is the last appearance of Hugh Jackman's iconic Wolverine (the mainstay character of Fox's X-men saga for 17 years), then it's everything it needed to be and more. Playing more like a western/road movie than a standard superhero epic; its raw, human, foul-mouthed, emotionally charged and spectacularly violent- and all the better for those qualities. R-rated superheroes aren't new but they are a rare breed; from the philosophical Watchmen to the no-nonsense Dredd to the playful Deadpool (to which this owes a huge existential debt); however this is arguably the most powerful of those. That's not to say its perfect; James Mangold directs at a ponderous pace; the score is unmemorable; the story is derivative of things we've seen before; The Last of Us (if you're a gamer), Children of Men, Unforgiven and even the laughable X-Men 3 (whose plot is a clumsier, sillier version of this), and the f-bomb count almost becomes gratuitous. However within the context of the superhero genre, it's as adult and powerful as you could ever wish for and has shocks in store that will leave you reeling. X-Men as if written by George RR Martin.

    Hugh Jackman gives his best Logan performance yet and clearly wants to conclude his character on a strong note; Patrick Stewart excels in the most shocking and different version of Xavier to date; and Daphne Keen gives an astonishing physical performance as 'Laura' and imbues her with feral intensity that will shock. Boyd Holbrook is also good fun as the villain, cocksure and callous, yet he never steals the limelight. The action is up close and visceral and to call it 'r-rated' is to understate matters; men are de-limbed, impaled through the skull, beheaded, eviscerated and mangled; as they would be when razor-sharp indestructible metal meets flesh & bone. Glorious. However its thanks to Hugh Jackman, James Mangold, Fox, and 'Old Man Logan' creator Mark Millar that Logan is so much more than a bloody hack 'em up. The meta twist of having the x-men comics be a reality within the movie is also cleverly done. However in the end this is a story about the search for family; about the inevitability of old age; entropy; and about dealing with regret and making way for the new generation. It's a film with vision and emotion and possibly the most worthwhile two hours spent in the X-Men universe to date.


    • Powerful swansong for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's iconic characters
    • Startling physical performance from Daphne Keen
    • Gritty, western style tone and adult storytelling
    • Strong undercurrent about the importance of family
    • Spectacular, brutal violence and breathtaking combat
    • Clever inclusion of 'comic book' into the narrative
    • Decent villain


    • Pace can be a little slow
    • Story is mildly derivative (but in a good way)
    • Weak score


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