Lost in Space User Review

  • rdover
    High Expectation, but not hitting the highs
    Review of Lost in Space Movie by rdover, Apr 26, 2018.
    It had some good ideas but it never really made you care enough about the characters, a little one dimensional. Some, (OK a lot) of the science is a little trite, e.g. - spoiler alert- they have some device for turning human or animal excrement into fuel, but not just any plant matter, of which there is an abundance, and they seemed to do it very quickly. Spoiler alert- someone is pinned under a tanker and the solution is to lift the tanker, wasting fuel that is leaking. However, the terrain underneath appears to be quite sadly and light, so why not dig under him and block the leak in some way, if a body or the ground can do it, its can't be beyond their intelligence to find a way.


    • Some goof effects


    • Repetitive story development, one peril after an another, and it seems contrived.


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