Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens User Review

  • Oswald
    Haven't I seen this film before?
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie by Oswald, Jan 6, 2016.
    Half-way though the movie my friend turned to me and said "Haven't I seen this film before?". She was quite right... this was a very disappointing rehash of the original Star Wars movie, "A New Hope".

    And now I understand why George Lucas seemed so conflicted in his recent CBS interview with Charlie Rose. He said he wanted to continue to tell a story, whereas Disney wanted to "do something for the fans". Well, they basically just reshot the same movie. Sheesh!

    I suspect for most hardcore Star Wars fans it will at least be a relief that Disney made a decent job of this rehash, and avoided producing another Phantom Menace (and sequels). But, after viewing Disney's first effort, I'll likely wait to watch this year's "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and the subsequent series of Star Wars movies on Netflix or Blu-ray.


    • BB-8 droid was entertaining at times
    • John Williams' score still gets the blood pumping


    • Heavy breathing and gasping of one character throughout the first half of the movie
    • Essentially a complete reshoot of "A New Hope"
    • Lack of imagination of scriptwriters


      3/10 wow dude that's proper low. Been watching films for over 30 years. Some films have been so bad but not many worthy of a 3.

      Disney did a decent job. Gave fans largely what they wanted while always making sure there investment isn't damaged in any way. Playing it safe is what I'd call it. George had also destroyed the Star Wars brand long ago,so he isn't the best person to be showing criticism of anyone. If you had invested so much money into this brand would add jaja binks? Would you allow this guy who clearly was lucky the first time to make what could be the last Star Wars ever. I wasn't happy with the story at first but it's understandable and it's What a lot wanted. They are also trying to remake them for a new generation.

      Sure it wasn't the best story wise but could definitely be a lot worse. Left a few questions to be answered. Which is always fun. 7/10 for me,definitely too safe but still a decent movie. Seen it 2D and 3D. Pretty rubbish 3D if I'm honest. My first 3D trip and it's nothing special. Some bits of snow that looked nice and one scene but apart from that. Got some ren and storm trooper glasses for £10 and they were pretty amazing looking. BFG looked great in 3D though.
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