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Yamaha YSP-5600 User Review

  • Ibuyalot
    Have ysp5600 and Samsung 950
    Review of Yamaha YSP-5600 soundbar by Ibuyalot, Feb 14, 2017.
    ok so what's great is it's compatible with my OLED and shield tv for streaming I use a UHD 8500 for 4K blue rays so not a big deal about the hdr10 support, however there's just one hdcp 2.2 port no idea why, also a huge and I mean huge down side is not allowing the addition of rear speakers even with multicast speakers your not allowed to put them in surround mode, so sorry to say all the action is definitely coming from the from and you can tell, the Samsung had atmos but not DD+ support so that is a minus but it's rear wireless speaker making it 5.1.4 is a night and day difference, there's absolutely no excuse for Yamaha not to make available either MusicCast to pair as surrounds or have the option to buy wireless rear up fireing speakers. What's going on hear?? Anyone with money to test both units in there home will tell you Samsung beats the ysp5600 into the ground . Come-on Yamaha please give a rear option simulated rear isn't the same and you guys know it
    This item was purchased for 1700+ from Amazon in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Good quality front sound
    • DSP modes are good for front immersion of sound


    • No ability to add wireless rear not even using MusicCast
    • Only one hdcp
    • No hdmi 2.0a
    • Not future proofed

    Build Quality




    Ease of use


    Sound Quality




    Value for Money



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