Panasonic TX-58DX750B User Review

  • E350AMGBRY
    Great TV but not up to Panasonic Standard.
    Review of Panasonic TX-58DX750B LED LCD TV by E350AMGBRY, Apr 10, 2016.
    Panasonic 58DX750B.

    Well, firstly the TV has great 4K picture but then it should for the price I paid £1,300. The sound, no matter how you try to set it is beyond useless. My Samsung UE55C6000RK has near perfect sound in comparison. The DX750B local dimming out of the box is ok but really a few tweaks are required to get rid of the white blooms during dark movies. Upscale from 1080 is near perfect and 720 is on par with how older HD screens upscale to 1080. SD content is a none runner really but then I don't watch it much. Virgin TiVo is near 4K ish and xBox 1 is good to. I mainly use XBMC (Kodi) for all my films and TV series so unless you can grab a link in 1080 then it's not great. High speed action was fine and colours were great, not up to LG or Samsung standard but then they are using IPS with edge lighting but the trade off is light bleed with those high colours. Panasonic is more natural when it comes to this side of things.

    I smart operating system is ok and does what it says on the tin and its very quick in doing so but I never use a TV for this as both my TiVo and KODI are what I use., wifi is great, links straight away and I never got to see any 3D content but normally Panasonic are good with this (albeit no glasses included)

    Make note that the 58DX750 is 400 x 200 mounted very low so it raises your TV considerable if mounting on an existing wall mount.

    For a TV of this price and quality from Panasonic, it should have included a 10 bit panel and not the 8 bit that it shipped with because they claim HDR but I'm pretty sure when HDR content becomes widely available then the DX would not perform well. Sony managed to include it in their new XD range. HDMI is a mess, there are 2 on the side but the 3rd one is rear facing along with the optical out and hinders wall mounting this TV considerably (there is a workaround) but you shouldn't have to at this price. For sure the 2015 55CX802 is by far a better TV and also an absolute bargain currently. I returned the DX as it's not up to the standards expected.

    If I purchase again then it will probably be the 58DX802 at £1,799 but again, no 10 bit panel so this may be a deal breaker.
    This item was purchased for £1,300 from Richer Sounds in 2016.


    • 4K Picture
    • Design


    • Sound
    • Vesa Mounting
    • only 3 HDMI - 1 rear facing

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black Level


    Screen Uniformity


    Colour Accuracy


    Greyscale Accuracy


    Video Processing


    Picture Quality Calibrated


    Sound Quality


    Smart Features


    Build Quality


    Ease Of Use


    Value for Money



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